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PhyML 3.0 (doc)

Datatype: auto-select       protein       DNA/RNA

Upload your alignment (FASTA, Phylip, Clustal, EMBL or NEXUS format) from a file:

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Maximum dataset size: (number of taxa) * (number of taxa) * (sequence size) = 100000000.

Names associationOptionally, you can specify the association between truncated taxon names (used in input data) and original long taxon names (human readable). Each short name of a line on the left will be associated to the long name of the corresponding line on the right.
Note: line numbers leading each line will be automatically removed, don't worry about them.

Short names used in input dataShort names are the names used in the input data. Usually, theses names are short and only contain valid characters (no spaces, quotes and such).
Note: a short name must be associated to one and only one long name.
Real long names (human readable)Long names are explicit taxon names with unlimited length and can contain special characters.


Statistical tests for branch support:
Approximate Likelihood-Ratio Test (aLRT):   
Bootstrapping procedure:    Number of bootstraps:   

Substitution model:   

Advanced Settings...

Number of substitution rate categories:
Gamma distribution parameter: estimated     fixed:    
Proportion of invariable sites: estimated     fixed:    
Transition / transversion ratio (nucleic acids only): estimated     fixed:    

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